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  • I was very well taken care of at Doctors Care

    By adam ( 2018-11-30 , 17:35 )

    “Everyone was very nice, and it is nice to be treated well since you are the patient in need of help. Caring, smiling and laughing is good atmosphere for patients. I will continue to come here when my family doctor isn’t available. I was very well taken care of.”

  • 5 STARS

    By Dallanara Maignan ( 2018-11-02 , 16:08 )

    Empire deserves 5 stars for its friendly and caring staff and their overall performance. For example Jaritza helps me with my appointments and works around my schedule to make sure I can come in when I have time. The entire staff is very respectful and polite. This is honestly probably the only Doctors office that i have been to and have no complaints about. Would definitely recommend to others.

  • Over all Doctor and the staff

    By Hector Velazquez ( 2018-10-30 , 00:28 )

    The doctors that visit at empire are good. The doctors goes back to their last visit and does an overview before talk about the present issue… your staff in the office in overall are pleasant, quick, my experience in overall is good.. some of the people sitting in the waiting are nasty, with Attitude

  • Doctors and Staff

    By Edward Sunwolf ( 2018-10-12 , 21:10 )

    I have been attending here for over 10 years. I have seen many low quality doctors go and the higher quality ones remain until their career changes develop. But overall the doctors have been great. However; a chain is only as good as it's weakest link. Overall there are and have been some excellent staff members who were caring and professional. But, there are a few that need some interpersonal skills training including professionalism, patient privacy, gossip, phone service, and the importance of patients. I recommend phantom patients and cases be created and secretly ran through the office process from regular appointments to office irregularities that only the doctors know about. That would point out areas that need attention.

  • One Stop Shop for Medical Care

    By Nursekorena ( 2018-09-12 , 13:04 )

    I am a nurse of 18 years however I never let anyone that’s caring for myself or family know that. I was very impressed with the staff at Empire while they cared for my husband. We have visited both the Maplewood office and the Springfield office. And we had seamless care from the doctors and the office personnel. I would not go any where else!

  • Doctor and staff

    By Hector ( 2018-06-05 , 00:04 )

    Dr Stanley Klughaupt has been my doctor for a long time with a great nurse as Gina … Dr takes his time with his patient. He listens and he gives his opinion as a doctor….. i’m sad that I lost a good nurse as Gina working by Doctor side but happy with her promotion…. The staff at Empire they’re all nice friendly, and helpful … they try very hard to get you in quickly. Amy, Erlin , Gina and the lab was great and get me done fast . The office staff excellent… there is only one thing must be address is your call center… two appointments back to back I had one today and other on 6/5… but in overall I give the Belleville office 5 stars no Complaints

  • Today visit 4/23/2018

    By Hector Velazquez (23 Apr 2018 09:13 pm)

    Today Monday April 23 I had an appointment at empire in Belleville and my visit was a great one… the front desk took care of me quickly… and I was called in quickly to see the doctor… the office staff as well as the medical assistant were excellent…. I am starting to like the office… at first I was hesitant when my doctor join empire but now my I impressed…I give it a five star and I recommend them…